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MOTO Merchant Account & Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal (Virtual POS) is a software that enables you to manually process credit card transactions, all that you require is an internet connection. It is useful for businesses who need to accept credit cards through mail orders / phone orders and may also help as an alternative method with card-present payments.
Moto Merchant Account Virtual Terminal Features:

Real-Time transactions reporting & management
Included with all our EU based solutions
Low fees, from 1.50% (EU) + 0.20 EUR per transaction
Over 150 currencies & All major credit/debit cards
AVS (Address Verification System) option
Dedicated Customer Support
APPLY NOW & be pre-approved in less than 48 hours!

Virtual Terminal for MOTO Merchants

Virtual Terminal is necessary for all MOTO based merchants (Mail Order / Phone Order), such as call centres and catalog based sales. Your Virtual Terminal will be operational from any part of the world with an internet connection, you can process any credit/debit card with an ease and securely as you are speaking with your customer the over phone or collect their card details through other methods. You can even carry out sales and process credit card information while on holidays or during a business trip. At the same time the Reporter Software allows you to monitor and manage all processed transactions, make refunds if necessary and overview your account as a whole.

Virtual Terminal for E-Commerce Merchants

Virtual Terminal is also useful for e-commerce merchants making sales through a website. In some cases, MOTO credit card processing system can help you keep customers when they encounter a problem with your online order form - you can simply ask for their billing information and enter that order manually in your terminal and save the day.

The advantages of MOTO (Mail-Order/Telephone-Order) processing are the security and mobility. Many customers do not trust small stores, with unprofessional-looking websites and the fear of fact that their credit card data may supposedly be stolen prevents them from placing an order. Many cardholders feel safer when giving their card details over the phone, to a live person and direct. Beside that, they usually ask questions about the product or service they are about to purchase, which can be used to the e-commerce merchant's advantage. Thus MOTO processing and having a Virtual Terminal is great for the e-commerce businesses as well. Customers may call you before making a purchase on your website and you can present them with an option to process their credit card instantly over the phone.

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